Save thousands when you use Keller Mortgage

Monday, March 5, 2018   /   by Bernie Christian

Save thousands when you use Keller Mortgage

When it comes to savings...No Other Mortgage Compares to Keller Mortgage!

One of the many reasons to use our team: Access to a Keller Mortgage to fund your Dream Home!

Excited about saving real money on a Mortgage? Well, the first thing is you must be working with a Keller Williams Agent to get a Keller Mortgage. Me and My Team here at The Christian Group can help you with that one. We've been with Keller Williams Fort Worth since 2004 and we can help you get pre-approved, find your dream home and save thousands when you buy a home with Keller Mortgage.

Buyers can use the savings to:
  • Qualify for a higher loan amount
  • Increase their down payment
  • Improve their offer price
  • Offset repairs
  • Buy new furniture
  • Pay moving expenses
For instance: Buyers pay no lender fees + they receive an extra $1,000 closing credit. Typical lender fees are 1–2%. On $300,000 that’s $3,000–$6,000; after another $1,000 credit that brings the total savings to $7,000, and the interest rate stays nice and LOW! Let me say again, buyers like you can skip lender fees on a loan like this, ONLY because you are working with me, another agent on my team or another KW agent!

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Hey Sellers, there is great news for you guys too. A buyer who wants to buy your listing can also be eligible for this loan, even if another real estate company represents that buyer! Consider this: If the buyer asks you the seller to pay closing costs (most are lender fees), you simply  decline and direct the buyer to the “no lender fees + $1,000 credit” loan available on KW listings! Just imagine, on a $300,000 loan that’s $4,000–$7,000 added to the transaction without touching your commission or the seller’s bottom line. This helps on price and inspection negotiations.

Other great features of a Keller Mortgage:

You don't pay for the appraisal if a deal falls through. On a typical loan to purchase a home, you have to pay for the appraisal whether you buy the home or not...ouch! But not with this mortgage. Too good to be true? No, its real protection that guards your hard earned money!

Most lenders wait to order appraisals until after the inspection (option) period.

Even more qualifiers for a Keller Mortgage:

Money borrowed must be above $150,000. 

Does not apply to non-warrantable condos, manufactured housing, or raw land.

Applies to:

and USDA loans.

Keller Mortgage does not do loans for manufactured housing, commercial buildings or raw land.

Call Us and get started today 817-269-1660 - We share our app with you and you apply within the app on your phone...EASY!

Certain officers, directors, and owners of Keller Williams Realty, Inc. have ownership interests in Keller Mortgage.  You are not required to use Keller Mortgage. Please read our Affiliated Business Arrangement Disclosure (ABA Disclosure) for your review!

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